Give your hair a youthful boost


Revalid new anti-aging system
Anti-aging skincare is part of our daily routine, but anti-aging hair care? Revalid has launched a dedicated hair system to slowing down the effects of aging on the hair and scalp. Revalid Anti-Aging Shampoo and Anti-AgingFluid containing the innovative active ingredient DN-Age will be available in pharmacies in Autumn 2020.

Beyond grey hair
The effects of aging on the hair go far beyond greying and include dryness, thinning, dullness, lack of volume, and brittleness. As skin cells in the scalp lose their natural ability to counteract cellular damage and oxidative stress, the Revalid Anti-Aging system provides hair and scalp with the support it needs to maintain its healthy texture, volume, and appearance.

More density, thickness, and strength 
The system consists of the Revalid Anti-Aging Shampoo and Anti-Aging Fluid. Both contain the innovative active ingredient DN-Age, a concentrated extract from the Cassia Alata leaves, known for its healing, anti-inflammatory properties. DN-Age takes inspiration from the plant’s defence strategies to protect human hair follicles in the scalp and slow down the aging process. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, repair-boosting, anti-greying, and growth maintaining – its effects have been proven both in vitro and in vivo. In one study, 80% of volunteers described their hair as stronger and thicker after the daily application of DN-Age to the scalp.
*Double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted on 38 volunteers aged 34-65 years over six months.

In addition, Revalid Anti-Aging Shampoo and Anti-Aging Fluid contain Swiss Edelweiss extract – the survival star of the Swiss Alps able to thrive at high altitudes and extreme temperatures. This adds a protective boost for the hair and scalp by stimulating several key genes and proteins responsible for maintaining the scalp’s protective barrier.
*Double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted on 38 volunteers aged 34-65 years over six months.

Revalid was developed in 1992 in Switzerland specifically for holistic hair care and to treat hair loss. The high-quality Swiss Hair Care System consists of a course of medicinal capsules for oral ingestion and a range of hair cosmetics for external application. All products are dermatologically tested and produced in Switzerland.

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